A graphic design tutorial teaches us the profession of visual communication which consist words, images and ideas that give information to the viewers. These tutorials encourage a designer and make them responsible for using elements of the media. The elements are illustrations; photos; type; shapes; colors and texture.

Graphic design is situated in each and every item. The most common are the graphic designs in logos; websites; business cards; advertisements; brochures; billboards; product packaging; posters; book designs; magazines ,newspaper layouts; greeting cards etc. The elements of graphic design are to create graphic works. The graphics should be clear using the components to produce a good design. The tutorial advises and teaches us to a fine result. From ancient to modern logos, shapes are to be considered as the main and first thing in the design. They are for establishing layouts and creating patterns.

The basic level is the line .They are for dividing the space and creating the forms. The course of line may be curved, dotted and zigzag which are used as defining elements on a page .They are of two systems such as grid system and creating wireframes. The grid system is used in newspaper and magazine layouts. It is for designing of a page with margins, rows and columns. Creating wireframes is very simple. It is useful for a web site project. The next element is the color. This is the only element which can be applied to others. The properties of colors are color model; using color swatch books; and color separation. The purpose of graphic design relies on effective communication. The typeface achieves this. It consists, size, color and alignment .It also includes shapes and images.

The graphic design tutorials give us information of a powerful image which is very important for design. They are photographs, illustrations and art work. The combination of these three used to support ideas and the attention of the audience. The designers can make their own work using these categories. The next important element is the texture of design. It can be considered as the surface of a design or the visual appearance. The audience can feel the texture and recognize the difference from others. Stylish rich layer graphics are the mirrors of texture.

The tutorial also demonstrates design. Before starting the graphic it is important to think of a winning idea. It is very easy to start designing with brainstorming sessions .The inspiration of these designs are the world around us. A graphic designer should use his creativity for a good result. The illustrator tutorials are considered to be the most powerful tool. It is used to create anchor points. It is to create countless line alignments .The photoshop tutorial is a simple feature and is used for several tasks. It is the basic level to select areas of image which can be rectangular or elliptical that can be copied or cut.

The graphic design tutorial helps us to learn the tips and tricks for a complete design task that sparks from our creativity.